Tuesday, 30 July 2013

22nd (:

another year older, another year wiser. haha i do think that i have grown quite a bit in the last year! learning about myself, learning about relationships, seeing the world on exchange and realising there are so many more beautiful places to visit! my bucket list just grew even longer hehe. and can't believe i'm going to graduate in a year :O insane!!! i don't want to :( feel totally unprepared for working life. really going to enjoy my last year of school and hopefully, in the process, find out what i really want to do (: YOLO!! 

so anyway, spent my birthday weekend with the most impt people :') so thankful to have them in my life <3 my family & my sweet darling :*) 

i received the most gorgeous bouquet of roses in the morning that kept me smiling whenever i saw them ^^ took tonnes of photos of them later in the night when i reached home as well hehe. 

so beautiful right!! :') love how this photo turned out. it captured the colours so well! this must totally be a bouquet characteristic of the two of us - so colourful!! :D and i realised how much i love baby's breath! it's just an accompaniment, but it's so soft to the touch and it was just quite fun to keep rubbing it between my fingers (haha i'm damn lame).

we went cafe-hopping (kinda) that day! in the east, because we were going to sing K too ^^ hehe had so much fun singing together! :) our first time ;) not bad for a first haha! this was the boy's breakfast at penny university! I LOVED IT. haha could have koped the entire thing :P lol! esp since my food took so long to come...

after K, we headed to rabbit carrot gun for lunch (for him) / tea (for me) haha. and i got a lemon drizzle cake (which was super yummyyyyy) which became my impromptu birthday cake with an iPhone candle! ;) hahahaha. so creative right ;) 

aaaand last pic to end the night! ^^ thanks baby, for everything :) i love you <3<3<3

on sunday, my actual birthday, had a food fest with the family! :D nom nom noms. happy tummy! it's been totally indulged this week haha. brunch at Open Door Policy (actually we ordered from their lunch menu) and i have to say that it has become a favourite on my foodie list!!!! i'm so glad that i finally tried this place! been wanting to come here since FOREVER. and i'm so glad i finally got to try it on my birthday (: 

and we went to W Singapore for dinner!!!!!!!! :D *squeals*!!!!!! i've been wanting to go there since it opened (wish i could have a staycation thereeee) and my birthday was the perfect excuse to drag the family there hehe :P only can make such requests on my special day LOL. o.m.g. this hotel is simply gorgeous and the service is amazing too - from the moment we stepped out of the car! love it. i'm gonna do a proper post on it! (: and also for the rest of the food places. stay tuned ;) 

started camwhoring around the hotel because the scenery was just too pretty! (: 

we had dinner at Skirt! (: heard a lot about this place since the hotel opened and i really wanted to try it! esp since they were supposed to have affordable steaks. sounds good!!! mm i wouldn't say that it's affordable...but at least not exorbitant haha. i think they already increased prices since last time because the prices i saw on the menu were different from what i read in reviews! anyway, we had a pretty good experience here (: 

and i got my lovely cake from Antoinette! :))) it's the Antoinette cake ;) it was sooooo yummy!!! after trying the mini version in the restaurant previously, this came to mind again when i was searching for my birthday cake. and i'm so proud of my choice! ;) it was absolutely delicious. soft earl grey mousse set atop a crunchy biscuit/pistachio base. and with little jam balls on top! hehe so cute. i loved this cake! we all did. it was so delicious!!! until we had to struggle to finish it amongst the five of us hahaha. but it was yummy anyway :) 

thanks papa & mummy for always bringing me to such nice places to eat (: it's always a joy spending time with the people i love on my birthday <3 i feel so blessed ^^ here's to another great year ahead! (: 

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